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CBD is a powerful natural pain-killer. In topical form, CBD is delivered directly to the source of the pain. Taking CBD oils or capsules are also effective, but take more time to reach the affected area than a topical product.

CBD oils first need to be absorbed in the gut and distributed around the bloodstream. Once absorbed, the active ingredients become diluted in the blood and therefore require larger doses to get the same level of benefit.

With a topical CBD product, the active ingredients are delivered in high-doses directly where you need them most. Lipids that make up the base of the cream help CBD and other active ingredients absorb into the deeper layers of skin where they can exert their benefits.

Here are two of the primary ways CBD helps to eliminate pain:

A) CBD dulls the transmission of pain

CBD acts on the two primary pain gateways located in the spinal cord and brainstem. Two sets of receptors known as the opioid and vanilloid receptors are tasked with regulating the pain signals before they get to the brain.

You can think of these gateways like the volume control on a speaker. When the signal is too loud, these receptors turn the volume down.

CBD, along with several other cannabinoids and terpenes also contained in high-grade CBD creams activate these receptors to reduce the level of perceived pain in the brain.

B) CBD reduces underlying inflammation

One of the most effective ways CBD creams work to relieve pain is by fighting inflammation. This is the primary mechanism employed by CBD topicals to reduce and prevent pain in the joints, skin, and muscles.

Almost all forms of pain involve some degree of inflammation. Arthritis, eczema, and muscle aches all involve mild to moderate inflammation that only serves to make the pain worse.

CBD is a powerful anti-inflammatory agent — blocking the inflammatory process at several different stages.

Certain forms of pain are more involved with inflammation than others.

For example, rheumatoid arthritis and eczema are both exclusively driven by inflammation. The prescription medications used to treat these disorders involve different types of anti-inflammatories.

This makes CBD especially powerful for managing pain conditions with underlying inflammation.

How to use CBD creams

Start by applying your CBD-infused cream liberally to the affected area.

For best results, you should give the topical some time (2–5 minutes) to absorb before putting any clothing over the area. This helps ensure as much of the topical as possible is absorbed into the skin and prevents it from rubbing off onto your clothing.

For certain conditions, like muscle pain or arthritis, it helps to massage the cream into the skin for a minute or two. This further stimulates blood flow and lymph fluid in the area to flush out metabolic byproducts that may be contributing to the pain. Massaging the area also helps the CBD absorb faster and deeper.

Depending on what area is affected, and the severity of pain, you may need to reapply CBD creams every 4 or 5 hours.

It also helps to use internal CBD at the same time as topical CBD (such as CBD oils or capsules). This helps provide longer-lasting pain-killing benefits.

Final thoughts: Best CBD creams for pain

When it comes to managing chronic joint pain, muscle pain, or skin pain, topical CBD is the strongest form of the supplement.

Topical CBD delivers the active ingredients directly to the source of the pain. Fatty substances that make up the base of the cream help the CBD and other hemp-derived compounds absorb into the deeper layers of skin and connective tissue.

When shopping for a CBD topical for pain, you should look for products that provide at least two milligrams of CBD per milliliter of cream and consider whether you want a cream with warming, cooling, or neutral qualities.

In general, warming creams are better for joint pain, while cooling salves are better for muscle and skin-related pain.

Always choose a reputable brand when shopping for CBD topicals to avoid ineffective topicals. Our number one choice for topical relief from pain is the Warming Salve by Royal CBD.

If you prefer a cooling action, check out the Roll-On Pain Gel from Gold Bee instead.


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